Squeaks n' Treats
Squeaks n' Treats

To create the map squeaks n’ treats, I did as follows:
- Researched a new style for environment assets, compiled references
- Took the existing grey-box assets from Blender into Zbrush, adding rock detailing that matched with our style goals
- Exported the high and low poly meshes, created UV’s within Blender for each mesh, brought each mesh into Substance Painter
- Followed a PBR texturing pipeline to create textures for rocks and agility course assets, developed a smart material that adds a ‘stylized’ appearance to assets.
- Created a tiling Hand-painted texture for grass within Photoshop, created an alpha in Photoshop to add fringe to the edges of the grass on each rock
- Imported assets and materials into Unity Engine, laid assets out within each scene. Added colliders to each mesh, as well as an existing shader Petricore had been using to create the cel-shaded look
- Play-tested the map for bugs
Upon completion of the map, it was shown at PlayNYC for the general public to play. In total it took a month and a half to develop the style and create, import, and test each asset.
For this map, assets I created include everything but the Balloon Cat heads, trees, small rocks along the shoreline, the water texture, red doghouse, and pickups. The original grey box rock shapes and map layout were created by the lead artist.

More artwork
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