Danger Island Quicksand Pit
Danger Island Quicksand Pit

In Archer Danger Phone, players can join events. These special events are often based on plots seen in episodes of the show, or entire seasons. In this case, this is the "Danger Island" event. Assets used for billboarding, specifically the matte painting in the background and the far trees and plants, are not my textures. The billboarded plants were done by another artist on the team, while I created the tree billboards. Otherwise, all 3D assets were made by myself and textured in Substance.

In order to create the scene, I did the following:
- Develop the mesh based off of show references and concepts. Meshes are required to stay under 20k tri's when possible to ensure older phones can run the game.
- Remove back faces and start creation of UV shells.
- UV shells, excluding glass must all be on one UV set. This set cannot be larger than 1024 x 1024, and all shells that can be stacked should be to ensure maximum use of the uv space.
- Texturing is done with a mixture of substance painter and photoshop. All detail is painted onto the diffuse, as the actual unity material only utilizes the diffuse and a lightmap created using proprietary baking resources.
- Assets are brought into Unity, textures are applied, and a baking tool is used to create a lightmap. The lightmap uses a second UV set with no stacking. Any issues are painted over in photoshop and reimported to unity.
- Lighting materials and glass shaders are added to mesh in unity where needed. This scene allowed for god rays, which utilize our light shader.
- Camera's and related scripts are set up, and then used to create images that are sent to Disney and Floyd County for approval.

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