Dog Den
Dog Den

To create the map Dog Den, I did as follows:
- Conceptualized a map theme, pitched it to the rest of the team for approval
- Created a grey-box within Blender, tested it within Unity with the team to make sure map layout and scale met gameplay expectations.
- Upon approval, created finalized versions of each asset within Blender. Created UV’s for each mesh
- Depending on the asset I either followed a PBR pipeline within Substance Painter, using a custom made stylized material on the mesh, or brought the UV layout into Photoshop and created a hand-painted version of the asset
- Imported assets and materials into the Unity Scene, properly laid out each asset to match the grey-box. Also used older assets to populate an outdoor scene
- Added colliders to each object, as well as created the bounding box for players so that way they could not go outside the intended play area
- Tested map extensively for bugs
Overall, it took a month to create the map. Upon completion it was shown at BostonFIG for players to try.
Of the assets within the map, I made all except for the trees, the water and food bowls, the water texture, and the pickups. The TV screen functionality was created by a designer at Petricore.

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